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about 1 year ago

Appathon Rubric Updated, please review

  • Judging Criteria:
  • Originality & Innovation (Pitch Content)
    1 star: Shares basic information, 2 stars: +Explanation of the app’s purpose and design & user needs, 3 stars: +Explanation of the problem, demand, and how app design meets user needs, 4 stars: +Persuasive pitch with evidence, 5 stars: +Exceptional!
  • Impact (User Experience)
    1 star: Clear intent; users can accomplish a goal 2 stars: +Consistent, Navigation; intuitive 3 stars: +Adaptable, address accessibility, privacy, and security 4 stars: +Innovative, delightful; new experience 5 stars: +Exceptional!
  • Interface & Design (User Interface)
    1 star: Clear Branding, 2 stars: +functional design, 3 stars: +Elegant, concise, color, layout, readability, & navigation, 4 stars: +Empowers the user to interact with content; animation, seamless, engaging experience, 5 stars: +Exceptional!
  • Technical Impact (Coding Concepts) - Updated October 3rd, 2022
    1 star: Explains General App, 2 stars: +Functionality, coding concepts, touch types explained, 3 stars: +Coding tasks necessary to build the app, 4 stars: +Architecture, data structure, algorithms, and features, 5 stars: +Exceptional!
  • Overall Presentation
    1 star: Informational, 2 stars: +Clear/Confident, enthusiastic, 3 stars: +Engaging, Visuals to support story; team contributions, 4 stars: +Creative, Memorable Storytelling, 5 stars: +Exceptional!




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.